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The Freedom's Frontier


John Brown's LegacyA whole lot of history is wrapped up and ready to be discovered in the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area. Here, in western Missouri and eastern Kansas, the idea of freedom gained a new meaning and purpose.

You can see the impact here where early-day settlers dreamed of a new life in a new land. After the Lewis and Clark Expedition era, people settling in the northern states and in the southern states each wanted to adopt their own brand of expansion for this western frontier. This conflict led to the Civil War. Much of the turmoil began on the Missouri/Kansas border…now designated as the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area.

Mahaffie StagecoachVisitor centers, museums, attractions and historic sites can help visitors better understand the historic events leading to these unique chapters in America's diverse history. The visitor centers and museums can also recommend great places to see and enjoy around the area including the Flint Hills and Tuttle Creek Lake. The Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas, the Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock and Grand Falls in Missouri are also nearby.

Go to for more details or pick up a Freedom's Frontier brochure guide to locate the historic sites and fascinating stories that bring into focus the cost of the freedom we enjoy today.

Nez Perce Trail

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